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Getting SAP ITSmobile bgsound support on Enterprise Browser

By Sabir Valappil Thattath


The ITSmobile system from SAP plays various sound files to notify a user whether a server transaction was a failure or success. This is implemented by presenting the <bgsound> HTML tag to the browser. Though the <bgsound> element was once used for playing a sound in background, the tag is now obsolete and treated as a non-standard element; it is presently supported only by IE engines.


Enterprise Browser 1.5 is Empowered with Disk Caching

By Sabir Valappil Thattath


Since the release of Enterprise Browser 1.5, I have been eager to write something about our cool new feature – Disk Caching. We have introduced disk caching functionality for webkit engines running on Windows Mobile/CE devices. This feature enables the browser to cache web resources locally on the device. This improves the page loading time and network bandwidth efficiency if user is trying to reload the same page.


RhoMobile Open Source FAQ

Why go open source?

To enable the platform to grow as a whole and not be limited by what just Zebra can provide.

RhoMobile is only one part of a set of tools and utilities that developers can use to build enterprise grade devices. We provide multiple options so developers/customers can choose what best fits their skill set and solution requirements:

Zebra to Release RhoMobile Suite as Open Source

Open-source advocates will soon have more to like about RhoMobile Suite, Zebra's cross-platform IDE that's already based on the open-source Eclipse and Rhodes projects. The company today announced that it will open the source code for RhoConnect and RhoElements, the parts of the suite that enable apps that synchronize with enterprise back-end systems, and that can work with the native hardware in scores of Zebra mobile computers and data collection devices.

Mobile UI Mistakes to Avoid: The Touch Target

To err is human; to program, devine. Doing both can result issues ranging from user frustration to total app failure. Nobody wants either, of course, and a few simple app-design concepts will help keep your apps easy to use and hard to break.

This first-in-a-series installment on mobile UI best practices covers Touch Targets, the places that put functions at the fingertips.

Touch Targets