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RMS 5.1: Now With Live Update, USB Printing

We're happy to report the release of RhoMobile Suite 5.1, which delivers something for Zebra developers of all stripes. Topping the list is Live Update, which can be set to monitor changes in source code and instantly implement and display those changes on a device in real time. Live Update on Mac OS X development hosts is supported for development across Android, iOS and Windows Mobile/CE platforms and connects via Wi-Fi from the development host to the target device(s). For Windows development hosts, Live Update is in beta. 

Using Google Remote Debugging With RhoMobile Apps

The RhoMobile 5.x environment provides some great debugging tools, but it's not the only way to fix or fine-tune your WebView apps. For devices running KitKat or higher, Google Remote Debugging offers a slick way to use Chrome to perform live, on-device debugging right from your Mac or Windows development machine.