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DroidCon UK Zebra Hackathon - New Idea Generation with TC8000

For four days in October 2016, Zebra met with over 300 developers in attendance at DroidCon UK. Developers from all across Europe and the world learned from industry leaders about Android development. A Zebra team introduced Zebra devices, tools, and the Visibility That’s Visionary message to the attendees. The last two days focused on our Zebra Hackathon.


SEVT-RFID Meeting Notes 2016-10-12



  • JW to send slide deck with competitive info (RFD devices)- Done see attachment below
  • Integrator (with Maximo) for casino (hospitality, JW to check
  • TC51/56 could use adaptor for TC55- Invite Eric M to SEVT and talk about it.
  • JW to send info on new fixer reading rebranding issues
  • JW to send new RFID logo
  • RFID enabled drones- bring topic to SEVT

Review products:

     (slides attached below & GT

DEV { TALK } - September 21 – Learn How Zebra is Enhancing our EMDK & Link-OS SDK Developer Tools

Do you have a BTLE Solution? Want to learn how Zebra printers can be integrated?


Learn about the new enhancements and features Zebra has included in recent updates to the Zebra EMDK and Link-OS™ SDK.


We will highlight exciting new abilities, such as Bluetooth Low Energy support for Android in the Link-OS SDK and new Notification APIs for the Bluetooth Scanners in the EMDK.



Zebra Card printers support applications from simple ID card printing to complex, secure encoding. Committed to providing best-in-class solutions, Zebra announces new releases and advancements to its Card software suite.


Zebra Card-printer software advancements include:

  • New Mac OS Driver for ZXP Series 1™ and ZXP Series 3™ printers
  • Windows® 10 Drivers support all Zebra ZXP Series printers
  • New ZXP Card SDK for ZXP Series 1 and ZXP Series 3 printers


Card-printer Software Offerings and Availability


Upgrading Android Studio in light of recent security announcements



Jet Brains and Google recently announced a security update for IntelliJ-based IDEs to patch RPC vulnerabilities with the built-in web server.  Android Studio is based on IntelliJ so the advice from Google is to update your version of Android Studio.


There’s a good press release on the topic here:


DevTalk: Using Bluetooth Devices In Your App Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Attention Developers, on April 13th, we will do a deep dive on the EMDK ScanAndPair API


The ScanAndPair API provides simple methods to programmatically pair/unpair a remote Bluetooth device. We will demonstrate how to use these API's when pairing BlueTooth Printers. So bring your laptop and EMDK For Android dev environment and follow along.


SEVT-RFID Meeting Notes 2016-03-02

Important:  Notify Larry D/Ana Sanchez if you were not able to attend the meeting or if you attended but your name is not on the attendance record below.

Summary of Actions (see details below)

  • Action RFID gear from NY- Please send best shipping address to Larry D.
  • Action  Partners need training on other tool, until Android SDK is available
  • Action  partner training slides from Peter