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About Talecom

We are a Mobile Application Service Provider enabling businesses who operate field based workforces to optimise their productivity, reduce costs and improve customer excellence.

Since our inception in 2002, our vision has been to significantly transform communication with and for field workforces by supplying intelligent and reliable wireless solutions that add real value to any business.

About Optimum Driver Behaviour

RhoMobile Suite 2.2 - More JavaScript, More Exciting Device Capabilities

Today we are excited to announce the release candidate of RhoMobile Suite 2.2 and RhoElements 2.2 (it should be announced as final early next week). RhoElements 2.2 continues to expand the JavaScript support that we offer. It also expands the exciting array of device capabilities that we offer access to.

Cut The Rope - Porting to HTML

Another great video produced my Marakana TV - This video shows how one of the most successful IOS games 'Cut The Rope' got converted to a HTML5 application. Although this is obviously a very consumer application, the session shows some tools and best practices that may help you in your RhoMobile Suite application development.