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APPFORUM 2019: The Latest Features for Developers Using Android Oreo and Pie

From KitKat to Lollipop and Marshmallow to Nougat each version of Android changes the behaviour of how your applications work. Documentation of these changes is readily available for consumers but for app developers, detailed information on the implications of each version is less prevalent.

Zebra DEVPODCAST - Developing the Performance Edge of Printing

Zebra DEVPODCAST hosts Dan Quagliana and Mark Jolley are joined by MicroEJ’s CEO Fred Rivard and VP of US Sales, Robert Diloreto.  ​​With developers moving to develop on the Android platform, MicroEJ  saw an opportunity to add app capability to other embedded devices to provide additional value and to future proof them.

Zebra DEVPODCAST: It’s A Matter of Trust – Engaging Blockchain

Building trust with your customers and partners is a key component for success in today’s tech world. In this DEVPODCAST, Zebra’s Dan Quagliana interviews Sameer Parekh, CEO, and Himanshu Srivastava, VP Solutions from Qodenext, a Zebra partner for over 20 years.  Qodenext, a software and hardware company, is based in India and specializes in traceability solutions within the manufacturing and T&L industry.

Industry News - Week of Jan 28, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Windows 10 Mobile to End; Linux Bug Squashed; First Rugged Smart Watch; Google to Block Ad Blockers; 4 in 5 Firms to Increase 2019 Tech Buys; Blockchain Warning; Amazon's AI Requires 10k People to Operate

Microsoft Pulling the Plug on Windows 10 Mobile

Technical support and security updates will end on Dec. 10 of this year, giving developers have less than 12 months to find a replacement.

DEVTALK - What's New for Zebra Developers in Android Oreo - Wednesday, Oct. 17

Learn about the new Google features introduced in Android Oreo and how they affect Zebra developers targeting our mobile Android devices.


In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The newly introduced background application limits in Oreo
  • Changes to how notifications work
  • The newly introduced Play Store policies
  • Many other features


Discover how these changes might impact your existing and future enterprise applications.


Presenter:  Darryn Campbell, Software Architect - Zebra Technologies

Tutorial: Scanning with DataWedge and Xamarin

This tutorial will take you through scanning barcode data via Android Intents using DataWedge on Zebra devices with a Xamarin application.

Be aware that there is a dedicated Xamarin component for Zebra mobile devices ​providing API access through an SDK but the DataWedge service is sufficient for most applications and is simpler to use to get barcode data into your app.  This tutorial describes using DataWedge, not the Nuget package.