RFD 8500 reader: Value does not fall within the expected range.

Hi there,

I'm struggling with an RFD 8500 scanner.
I'm paired well trough bluetooth and the sample application works like a charm.

But when I start coding, I simply follow the instruction in the developper guide of the zebra RFID SDK for windows.

IRemoteReaderManagement readerManagement = RfidSdk.RemoteReaderManagementServicesFactory.Create();

I get this exception: ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.

The same exception is thrown when I create a watcher:
IRemoteReaderWatcher remoteReaderWatcher = RfidSdk.RemoteReaderWatcherServicesFactory.Create();

I can't seem to give some arguments.. so I don't understand what's wrong here.
I added the sdk to my references (obviously otherwise it wouldn't even compile) and that's about all that should be..

Please if somebody already faced this issue I would greatly appreciate the help!


Guy Russell
exact same problem as Steve

Did you ever find the solution and/or did anyone ever respond to you?

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