Velocity Console: How to find the exact color of a logo / HTML color finder tools


Velocity 1.2.1 and newer


  • You are creating a banner and color scheme for your Velocity Project. You want to use the exact colors from the logo.


  1. Download a transparent logo (PNG) file
  2. Go to
  3. Upload the image
  4. Click on the color on your image to find the HTML color code
  5. Here is an example of finding the color from the wavelink logo:
  6. Open Velocity console
  7. Open TE Project
  8. Go to Settings > Themes and select the banner
  9. Click on the background color to see the drop down options and select advanced
  10. Paste the code that you find from the website into this location (below)
  11. This will allow you to match the background to the color of the icon / logo.
  12. You can also do this for font colors and other color sections within the console.