ZXP Series 7 - RFID Encode

How can I connect to the UHF encoder and program the RFID for my ZXP Series 7 printer?

I have downloaded every SDK I can get a hold of from your site. I have the EOE SDK and inside that is a sample application. I cannot build or compile that sample application as it keeps telling me that ZMTGraphics is not a valid namespace. I have registered the ZMotifPrinter but still same issue. I know that the printer has a UHF module but no matter how I try I cannot seem to connect. The ZXP Toolbox app shows that the contactless encoder is UHF but I do not get a Smart Card option under the Technology category. Every example I try keeps informing me that it cannot connect to the encoder. Please help.

I have attached a screenshot of my ZXP Toolbox where it shows that there is a UHF contactless smart card but I do not have an option for Smart Card under Technology.

Stephen Troup
The ZMTGraphics is in the

The ZMTGraphics is in the ZXP7,8 and 9 zmotif printer SDK. With a default install It's usually found in C:\Zebra\ZMotif SDKs\GraphicsSDK\


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