Converting Base64 String to ZPL in Android


There's a of a chance that this question has been asked in a different way but this is the scenario. Using a webview on Android, we are loading a webpage that has a button that sends a base64 string to our android app for print. I need to figure out a way to convert the Base64 to ZPL and send it to a ZQ630 Printer that we are currently using.

The options I'm considering - converting the base64 to PDF (within Android ) then to ZPL for print. ---side note, I'm curios if the ZQ630 can also print the PDF directly.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.


Alexander Palchikov
Hi Victor,There is no such a

Hi Victor,

There is no such a thing like the Base64 to ZPL conversion per se. Base64 is a format for arbitrary binary payload and ZPL is a printer language. It highly depends on what exactly do you have encoded as Base64.

In case you need to print your Base64-encoded payload then your android app will have to decode it and print it using LinkOS SDK. It could be a PDF, image or prepared label format. It depends on your needs.

It could be not the optimal way to generate and print PDF. There is a chance you will successfully print your payload as ZPL prepared label. Please, see LinkOS SDK and Zebra Designer documentation .

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