TC51 + RFD8500 DataWedge android intent through Kalipso

I have built an application in Kalipso (Application generator), I use RFD8500 RFID scanner for this project. Currently I am able to scan barcodes only using the TC51 triggers and then I have to scan the RFID seperately using the RFD8500 trigger.

Currently I'm thinking of using DataWedge intent to switch between the scanners and use the SOFT_TRIGGER for RFID and scans.

I have included the example code for scanner switching and also the Kalipso setup I currently have.

Would any of you have any experience with running intent actions with Kalipso? All help will be much appreciated.

Darryn Campbell
I have no experience with

I have no experience with Kalipso but it looks as though "Run Process" invokes Android's StartActivity (judging by the article at  You would need to find a way of invoking a SendBroadcast in order to use the DataWedge API but I don't know if that is possible with Kalipso.

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