Sample SDK C# Sample App Can't scanning barcode with using RFD8500 Bluetooth

Dear All;

Any one can helping to connect RFD8500 barcode scanner with Sample SDK C#;
Anyway i'll allready follow the instruction in Zebra RFD SDK User Guide.
The attachment show step by step configuration.

Need advice from you all;


Best Regards;
Willy Handoko

Zebra.Printer.SDK ThreadPool Issue

I am encountering a strange issue when consuming Zebra .NET SDK.
The issue is occurring when we are trying to discover thermal printers in the local network. Particularly invoking this line of code:
`NetworkDiscoverer.SubnetSearch(DiscoveryHandler discoveryHandler, string subnetRange);`

The threads in the Zebra .NET SDK are implemented with old .NET
classes(ThreadPool) which probably are incompatible with the current
version or Xamarin.Forms and/or netstandard framework version.