DEVTALK l Savanna Data Services - Cloud Enable Devices l Wednesday Jan. 29, 2020 l 10:00 CDT


In this session we’ll disclose the how and why to enable for the cloud for all your Zebra devices. You’ll learn how to enroll your devices and what you can do with your devices once they are enrolled from over-the-top scanning applications to RFID analytics.

Highlights from Droidcon San Francisco 2019 with the Zebra Developer Relations Team

Last week the Dev Relations Team had the privilege to represent Zebra at Droidcon San Francisco 2019.


IMAGE_1.jpgFrom left to right: Manuel Caicedo-Rivera, James Kimball, Rabeb Othmani (Bibi), Stacey Kruczek, James Swinton-Bland, and Pat Narendra


DEVTALK - The New Xamarin SDK and Adding Printer Security Wednesday, Jan. 16th @10:00 am CDT

The Link-OS team has made a number of updates to the .NET SDK.  It now supports Xamarin, .NET Core, and .NET Framework.  This webinar will review how to use this updated library to code once and adds printing functionality to multiple frameworks.  We'll walk through some of the new capabilities for this library with Xamarin.