DEVTALK l Savanna Data Services - Cloud Enable Devices l Wednesday Jan. 29, 2020 l 10:00 CDT


In this session we will be reviewing the newest Data Services tools for the Zebra community.  Learn how to work with Zebra Devices and native tools that enable over the top applications and bring more data to your users easily.

Zebra DEVTALK: What's New for Zebra Developers in Android Pie l Wednesday, Sept. 18th 2019 l 10:00 am CDT

Learn about the new features Google have introduced in Android Pie and how they affect Zebra developers targeting our Android mobile devices.  This talk will cover the changes to power management as well as discuss what new features such as Ephemeral users can do for your Enterprise deployment.

DEVTALK - The New Xamarin SDK and Adding Printer Security Wednesday, Jan. 16th @10:00 am CDT

The Link-OS team has made a number of updates to the .NET SDK.  It now supports Xamarin, .NET Core, and .NET Framework.  This webinar will review how to use this updated library to code once and adds printing functionality to multiple frameworks.  We'll walk through some of the new capabilities for this library with Xamarin. 


DEVTALK: Learn About Zebra's Enterprise Browser 2.0 New Features

Learn more about Enterprise Browser 2.0 (EB) with new, exciting features such as Voice readiness and an SAP EB Bundle simplifying configuration and deployment for SAP. Developers discover more about EB 2.0 how it can help you when developing on the enterprise platform. 

This is a preview of an APPFORUM session topic , June 2019. 

Presented by:  Sudhakar Murthy, Zebra Software Engineer