Remote desktop printing, LinkOS

I have recently grabbed the C# LinkOS sample code from Git, to get a handle of a USB printer and it has been working fine on my local PC.

When it comes to running my application on a remote PC where the printer is connected locally, my application can no longer find any Zebra printers.

Remote desktop connection - Local resources includes the printers has PnP devices.
in the remote PC it shows 2 printers
ZDesigner ZD620-300dpi ZPL – Offline
ZDesigner ZD620-300dpi ZPL (redirected 1)

LinkOS (Xamarin Android) Problems

I'm using LinkOS Version (1.2.0) (Xamarin Android) in my android application,but when I try to run the project I get the following error:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. Consider increasing the value of $(JavaMaximumHeapSize). Java ran out of memory while executing 'java.exe -Xmx1G -jar

I have the configuration 1G in the option Java Heap size, my Handheld isn't a Zebra hardware

Anyone have this problem?

Thanks in Advance

ZT410 Printer Width Problem

I have an existing application that is trying to print labels to a new ZT410 (203 dpi, firmware V75.20.14Z) printer but the images are being drawn too large and don't fit inside the label. In the application we have a calibrate button that sends the following to the printer: