.Net application issue in ET1


We are developing a web application using .net 3.5 and the same will be accessed using ET1 by the customers. To give a back ground of the issue,

There is a login page "login.aspx" which re-directs to the actual application page upon successful login. while launching the application and providing the login credentials the redirection to the main page is not happening. Where as the same is working fine in any other device (iPAD, EDIOS, and other hand held devices).

What we did : We installed the latest version of RhoElement (RhoElement_1.0.3.6.apk) and changed the <startpage> in config.xml to the the login.aspx (which is the startup page for the application). Before installing the latest version of RhoElement the same application was working perfectly fine.

Can some one throw light on what could be causing this problem here.......


Naveen Thomas