Searching data using RhoConnect

The application we want to replace with a RhoElements v2 app is used to process workorders and handles customer data as follows:

  • All required customer data is available with the workorder on the device (workorders are synchronization).
  • A user can create a workorder on the device. To do so he must be able to search a customer from the database of all customers (done using a webservice call with search criteria).
  • The complete customer database is (at the moment) considered too large to reside on the device.

How could/should we implement these features, if we should choose to use RhoConnect?

  • Is there a feature within RhoConnect to bypass the regular synchronization mechanism and do some direct call (using search criteria)?


  • Can't this be done using RhoConnect and do we need the location of both a RhoConnect instance and a webservice for searching customers?


  • Should all customers be synchronized with the device?


The amount of customer data varies per installation, but may be as large as 50,000.

The same features apply to other data types: articles and customer objects (like air conditioners or heaters).