Synchronization questions, using plugin.

We want to integrate a RhoElements v2 application with our current application. Currently we are using a .Net webservice to synchronize data. So using RhoConnect and the .Net plugin sounds like a logical choice. But after some tests I have questions about how to implement this.

It seems that a RhoE v2 app does incremental synchronization calls, and every now and then a full synchronization call (which is forwarded to the .Net plugin). In order to make all the incremental calls work, all changes in the relevant data must be sent to the RhoConnect app (from the .Net plugin). Please correct me if I'm wrong!

The problem with this is that changes come from different sources and it may not be possible (or at least hard) to gather all changes. In this case all changes must be sent to the device using full synchronization. This boils down to the following questions:

  • Can RhoConnect be configured to send a query request to the .Net plugin for each synchronization request from a device?
  • Is the frequency of these synchronization calls from the RhoE v2 app configurable?
  • Are we in this case losing some benefits of RhoConnect (i.e. reduced network bandwidth between .Net plugin and RhoConnect) and only have the benefit of reduced network bandwith between RhoConnect and the RhoE v2 app?