Reporting bugs/issues/concerns with Rhostudio

Where is the best place to report bugs, issues, or concerns with Rhostudio?   Are the forums the best place or is there an official bug tracker?

The current issue I am having:

- Create a new Rhostudio mobile app.

- Settings/Controller.rb is auto-created with several warnings "parenthesize for future version" that could easily be remedied in the app seeding template.

Line 34:

WebView.navigate ( url_for :action => :login, :query => {:msg => @msg} )


WebView.navigate( (url_for :action => :login), :query => {:msg => @msg} )

Lines 109/110 and 113 are the same idea.

Not a huge issue that needs immediate attention, but something I would normally report with an issue tracking system to put it on the radar for improving the product in future builds.

- L