Rhom and folder names

When a Rhom model is generated, all files are placed in a folder with the name of the model. These files include the data object, controller and some views. This is a nice start, but a real life app is mostly not this straight forward. Views will often contain data from several models, so I created a folder, put some data objects in it and tried to use them. But I could not get this working. After a lot of trying, I discovered that the name of the folder seems to be crucial. A model named 'Product' must be placed in a folder 'Product'. Even putting a "require 'data_objects/product'" does not solve the problem and I keep getting errors like 'undefined method `create' for Product:Class'.

So my question is: Is it a requirement that a Rhom model is placed in a folder with the same name as the model (under the 'app' folder)?

If it is not, how can I use it in a controller when placed in another folder?