App Store Invalid Binary

I've been trying to get our Rhomobile built app loaded into the App Store via iTunesConnect.  Every time we upload the process gets through the signing process, uploads, and within a minute we see "invalid binary" on the app store submission.  No other information is provided.

We've checked and re-checked the icons.   We've unzipped the .ipa and checked for errant symlinks or other issues there.    We've checked & re-checked the signatures on the distribution certs & provisioning profiles.   We've run the app on several IOS devices via a manual push (iTunes local loading of the app).

We have even done a build & archive in XCode and run a validation.  The app validates.     Still, AppLauncher gets through the process and the app still ends up with "Invalid Binary" minutes later.

I'm out of clues and Google results.   Anyone have some other things to check?