*** Urgent *** Customer Application getting deleted out of "Program Files" folder when backup battery dies

Tier 2 support has a case on this however; I thought I'd send this out and see what happens.  This is a huge deal with the US Army and of a very critical nature.  Here's the process.... the units are charged in the single slot cradle and then staged with AppCenter, Symscript (used to turn the radios off after staging) and the Customer Application (installed into the Program Files folder) using ABStage.  Once this is accomplished and the customer App is tested and confirmed "fully operational", the units are then turned off, main batteries disconnected and boxed.  They were left in the box for around 2 days or less.

What the integrator saw when they did a dry run of "opening the box" testing, was that nearly 50 percent of the units gave the usual "Backup Battery is low" warning and then disappears.  These units tested ok.  The other 50 percent gave the "Backup Batter Low" warning however, stayed on the screen until you manually "Dismiss" it.  These units exhibited the failure. 

The failure was that the units appear to have been "Clean-booted" and the customer application folder in the "Program Files" folder had been deleted.  These were the first 150 units of a 5000 unit sale whose shipment has now been halted until this problem is resolved.  There has already been discussions around re-installing the customer app in the "Applications Folder" however; everyone is under the impression that this shouldn't happen...and that it requires the clean-boot files to accomplish what appears to be happening.