No GPI event with optical sensor

Hi everybody,

I'm facing a problem with a RFID reader XR480 and its IO-box (DC-400 Light Indicator Box). I use the EMDK's RFID3 library (C#) to catch events of the reader configured in LLRP.

I have first connected a simple switch to the IO-box's LMS port. I have used a code similar to the one of the sample (CS_RFID3_Host_Sample1) and it works : when activating the switch, I get a GPI event ( Events . STATUS_EVENT_TYPE .GPI_EVENT).

But now with a real optical sensor, I can't catch the event.

At hardware level, all seems OK. I think LLRP means almost no configuration of the reader. Maybe am I wrong ?

Is there anybody having an idea to help me ? (not about harware but software.)