Can't get MPact Notifications to work.

I'm testing my MPact server to trigger my subscriber when a user gets close to a tag(beacon) but does not seem to work.

I have a test android application that listens to tags and sends data to MPact server(version 14D). My android application

works fine and I can track and play users movements from MPact server.

Sample MPact subscriber. This subscriber is assigned to a notification which triggers when user gets close to any of my tags.


atlsWelcome.php is a listener for welcome notifications. At the moment this script just obtains all POST and GET variables

and store these variables into a text document. This third party web server and MPact VM resides in same machine(laptop).

When I ran my android application this notification isn't triggered at all.

P.S. I have also installed wireshark on my computer which captures traffic and I can see two way traffic between my

MPact server and iis server but there is no communication from MPact server to atlsWelcome.php.