how to select the type of memory to read ( MEMORY BANK.MEMORY BANK RESERVED) in mc659b

I tried to read the content but selecting the type of memory I get an error code q I use is the following, kick demos Example 6 sdk

private TagAccess.Sequence.Operation _Op;


        public void readMemBank(bool access)


            _Op = new TagAccess.Sequence.Operation();


            _Op.ReadAccessParams.MemoryBank = MEMORY_BANK.MEMORY_BANK_RESERVED;

            _Op.ReadAccessParams.ByteCount = 0;

            _Op.ReadAccessParams.ByteOffset = 0;

            _Op.ReadAccessParams.AccessPassword = 0;




            if (access)

                m_ReaderAPI.Actions.TagAccess.OperationSequence.Add(_Op); //this is the problem



The message says:

InvalidUsageException: PerformSequence Invalid parameter given.


and if I do not select the type of memory works perfectly

anyone has any idea how to solve this problem ??

thanks for your help