Paper Feed and Queueing with Bluetooth Printing

I am using the IMZ320.


First off, a simple question that is puzzling me. (Seemingly) without any setup from me and just sending simple text strings to the printer, it feeds out about 6-7 inches of blank paper then prints at the end.


Surely this is not normal.


I have tried resetting the printer to factory defaults and running through the  Zebra Setup Utilties -> Configure Printer Setting setup without any luck. I am using the Open Communications feature in the Utilities in Windows to test, via sending ZPL. I also tried to print via Bluetooth in iOS. Same result. All the commands do what I expect., it just feeds out half a foot of paper before it does.


Next. If there is no paper in the printer on the IMZ320, and I try to print via the SDK with Blueetooth, should it hold on to the print command and print it once there is paper in the printer? I noticed there are ZPL commands to print multiple and reprint the last thing printed, but when I ran the iOS sample app and tried that scenario, it did not start printing once there was paper in the printer.