MPact Dependency Issues

I know this is not the right space for this question.  I don't have access to the MPact space; so I do not know where else to post this.  If someone can move this into the right space I would greatly appreciate it.


The MPact Server API Overview documentation goes over some of the RESTful APIs we can use to query for beacon, client and site data.  In section 2.3 "Sample Type Query Using a Java Client" there is an example listed that references a Jersey 2.13 dependency.  The Jersey package has since updated to 2.21, and v2.13 does not seem to be readily available for use.  Regardless, I managed to pull the whole maven project down and build v2.13 from source, but it seems to be missing one or more of the dependencies listed in the example.  Looking at the class hierarchy for v2.13, com.sun.jersey.api.client.* has become org.glassfish.jersey.client.* and com.sun.jersey.api.client.config doesn't exist at all.  I had to go all the way back to v1.19 in order to get the correct package structure and classes, but I am still missing  In fact, the documentation for 2.13 doesn't even list that as an available class.  I can look through documentation all the way back to v1.19, and I still cannot find URLBuilder as a class.  URIBuilder exists, but I do not know if it will produce the same results.


Where can I acquire the correct Jersey files to use to query an MPact server? or what alternative package/class can I use?


Thank you very much.