Need help with Encoding an EPC

I am using the following page as a helper:


On that page the EPC is broken down into the bits that need to be passed to the printer in ZPL.

Based off that I have used the following ZPL and sent it to the printer:






Unfortunately I do not get the same EPC written to the tag as outlined in the document.

Do you see any issues with the ZPL?

The code I am using to print this:

NSString *zplData = @"XA^RB96,8,3,3,20,24,38^FS^RFW,E^FD48,3,5,0614141,100041,1^FS^XZ";

NSError *error = nil;

success = success && [thePrinterConn write:[zplData dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] error:&error];