Windows 10 and Bluetooth printing


I have asked this over in the mobile computing area, but there does not appear to be much, if any activity there.

So posting here in hope of some dialog, many thanks in advance.


I am looking to develop a small application that will eventually run as an U.W.P. App. on a Win10 mobile computer talking to one of the Bluetooth Mobile Zebra printers (exact model T.B.D.).


I am currently developing in MSVS 2015 and have a test application printing to a bluetooth printer using a standard hooks into the windows (print/device) driver. My test printer in a Zebra IMZ220 BT. This works fine, however......


In the past I have created my own USB handler (for windows applications) to enable me to send and receive S.G.D. commands to Zebra printers. I like the extended (and protocol independent) range of information I can send and receive using this method.


I would like to be able to achieve the same using the Bluetooth protocol.


I am not really very familiar with Bluetooth and was wondering if there are any "rules" I should follow or even better if there are any tools you have or can suggest to do this, bearing in mind I am not developing for Android?


Currently I am investigating using the 2 coms ports that Bluetooth utilises to use to see if I can receive the results of S.G.D. commands sent to the printer. I can see that the printer responds to a S.G.D. command by poking the response back to the same com port, rather than the "other" inbound one associated with the device/printer. Currently I am trying to devise some code to listen for this response "x" amount of time after sending the initial S.G.D. command.


Is this this correct way to progress or should I be looking to achieve this in a different way?


Any help /  pointers would be appreciate.





I have the same qu