Android Scanner SDK Demo App Problem

We are integrating the Scanner SDK into our existing Android application.  To help accomplish this, we are using the demo app source code that is provided in the SDK as a reference for our integration coding.  We are able to successfully connect to the scanner and scan a tag, but after you scan one tag you are not able to scan another tag.  After 30 seconds or so, the scanner does 3 long beeps with a red led light, then you are able to scan another tag.


We built the demo app that is included with the Android SDK, and it works exactly the same way as our app does, but the demo app that is on the Google Play store does not have this bug and scans multiple tags without a problem.  It is obvious that the demo app that is on the Google Play store is a newer version than the source code of the app that is provided with the SDK.  Do you know what steps we are missing in our scanning process that is preventing us from scanning additional tags, or is the source code to the latest demo app available for download somewhere?


Thanks for any help.