Update MC40-HC Non-Voice SKU JellyBean to KitKat



I want to update a MC40-HC Non-Voice SKU JellyBean to KitKat.

I did some research, and go to (on zebra's website) (Product > Mobile Computers > Handheld Computers > MC40 > MC40/MC40-HC Support > MC40-HC > MC40 Operating System for Non-Voice SKUs).

Then in Oprerating System for Android KitKat section, i find this Zip document, M40N0JXX0RUxx40807.zip.

It's sounds like JellyBean and not KitKat. So i read the documentation above, and it says M40N0KXXVRUxx20701.zip, but i couldn't find it in the appropriate section.


Any Help?