ZSDK - iOS with PCX images

Hello -


I'm attempting to include a PCX image on a label using the ZSDK.  For our Android solution, everything is working...  I use storeImage to copy a file from the Android device to the printer and it saves on the printer as as a .pcx file.  Then I use the CPCL PCX command (ie 'PCX90 100 100 !<logo.pcx\r\n') to include the image on the label.


But the same approach doesn't seem to work for iOS?  There, I'm using the storeImage method, but it copies/converts the source image file to a .GRF file on the printer.   So the CPCL PCX command doesn't work.  I've tried both 'PCX90 100 100 !<logo.pcx\r\n' and 'PCX90 100 100 !<logo.grf\r\n'.  So...


Is there a way to use the iOS version of the ZSDK_API to move a file from the iOS file system to a pcx file on the printer (so the CPCL will work)? ... or

Is there a CPCL command that will print a GRF image on a label?


I'm using a QLN320 printer.  We have a bunch of CPCL code that I would prefer not to switch to ZPL.