Symbol.RFID3.DLL updated to .net 4.5?

I have an application that has been working for a long time written in c# targeting .Net 4.0.  When I updated to target the .Net 4.5 I am suddenly getting Arithmetic Overflow Exceptions from the Symbol.RFID3.dll on connect.


  at Symbol.RFID3.CAPIAccess.GetReaderCaps(IntPtr readerHandle, ReaderCapabilities readerCaps)

   at Symbol.RFID3.ReaderCapabilities.GetReaderCaps()

   at Symbol.RFID3.RFIDReader.PostConnectInitialize()

   at SymbolRFID.DeviceControl.CanConnect()


The problem lies in the fact that the Symbol.RFID3.DLL tries to convert an IntPtr to an int.  Are there plans to update this dll or is there a work around for this?