TC70 app not installing via app gallery

I have an app that has recently gone from being used on <4 devices to being used on a fleet of 10 TC70 devices across the warehouse. via


Previously I have been installing the app by physically connecting the device to my workstation PC and running it in Visual Studio, then it stays on. Today I exported the app to an APK and successfully installed a release version on a TC70 unit, also by manual connection to my PC and transferring the files.


I am interested in a mass distribution method for my app across all devices on the warehouse floor, so I put the app on the Zebra AppGallery (private; I don't need random people grabbing it) and when I tried to download it, it had a red message "This App might not be compatible with this device" and it failed installation after downloading. (the goal is when I release an update, I don't have to collect and manually update them all individually on my machine, but rather push an update that they can easily find on the store and download)


I know that the app is compatible because I have been using the app on the device.


The devices are running on android 4.4, which is what I have the build set to. I am running Xamarin 4.3 on Visual Studio 2015.


How do I make the app work when downloaded from AppGallery when it already works perfectly fine otherwise?