How to contribute to browser print, report bugs, etc?

Hi, everyone.


Firstly, thanks for releasing this great tool!


I have been using the demo files bundled with Browser Print, i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zebra Technologies\Zebra Browser Print\ZebraBrowserPrintDocsWebCodeExamples\sample" as a guide for one of my projects. When reviewing some of the code found in js/DevDemo.js, I found some code which I believe to be erroneous (though I could be wrong).


I was wondering where I might post potential bug/error fixes as I didn't find anything like a git repo where I could readily do this.


Just an example of some of the bugs/errors I found...


In js/DevDemo.js line 95 there is a function called checkPrinterStatus where I found an issue:


The first issue I found was at line 130:


if ((!ok) && (statuses.Count == 0))


the statuses variable is an array which does not have a Count property, I believe. The length property should have been used here instead:


if ((!ok) && (statuses.length == 0))


Again thanks for this great tool and if anyone could advise on where to report bug fixes etc that would be great.