Unable to update or delete app in AppGallery

Hopefully someone can help us with this major issue we are having with the AppGallery.


We have clients using Zebra devices with our software so we have posted our app on the AppGallery for delivery to them.  Up to the latest AppGallery update all was fine, but unfortunately since the last update we are no longer able to release a new version of our app to our clients.


When we attempt to update our app 'Mobile360' the upload fails with the message:

You Uploaded an APK with an invalid version code, Your APK's version code needs to be higher than 196671.

We never created an APK with a version number this high so we do not know where this number comes from and our build tools cannot give us a version number above 65535 so we cannot meet this requirement.


As a workaround we decided to delete the app and add a new version back in but for some reason the delete option is not available on this app.  It is available in all other apps we have in our AppGallery account but not this one.


We have looked at all documentation available but nothing gives any indication as to the reason for this issue so hopefully someone may have an idea.  If we cannot resolve we may have to ask our clients to change their hardware and move away from Zebra devices which will be a significant expense which would rather not have them require to meet.


Hopefully thank you in advance.


Mark Wright

Innovative Software
Update:Since posting a month


Since posting a month ago we have had contact with Zebra support who have resolved the issue by resetting the version number on the app.

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