MC92N0 c# sample application CoreScanner registration


I am trying to get the c# smaple application from the Scanner SDK for windows. Every time I run the following lines:

static CoreScanner.CCoreScannerClass cCoreScannerClass;

static void Main(string[] args){

          int status;

          cCoreScannerClass = new Corescanner.CCoreScannerClass();



on a computer it works fine. If i try to deploy it on my handheld device (MC92N0), i get the following error:

COM object with CLSID '{9F8D4F16-0F61-4A38-98B3-1F6F80F11C87}' cannot be created due to the following error: Class not registered.


I am deploying it with visual sutdio 2008. I checked the option to deploy the latest version of the framework on the device. Both the emdk for windows and the Scanner SDK are installed on the computer.
I just do not understand how to make it work.