iMZ320 - ZPL TextBlock not wrapping (^TB)



I am developing a Xamarin mobile application to print receipts via bluetooth and need to be able to wrap text with ZPL.

I am using an iMZ320 Printer with Firmware version v73.19.15Z.


When I initially connect to printer, I ensure I set the device language to ZPL. When complete I check the language and it is set as 'hybrid_xml_zpl'.


I am trying to run a quick test with the following commands:








^FDThis is a test string to see if the text is wrapped inside the text block at all




Unfortunately it is not wrapping the text to the next line, instead it overlaps the text over itself on the same line (See attached image).

Is there anything I am doing wrong? The documentation suggests that ^TB is available only for printers with firmware version V60.14.x, V50.14.x, or later.


Appreciate any assistance on this as I am relatively new to ZPL and mobile printing.