ZT410 - problem reading tag ID

In my company we are using printer R110xi4 in some countries but we couldn't import this printer to Japan so we had to get the ZT410.

For an application, we use the SGD commands to read the RFID tag ID for the label before printing.


In the R11xi4, you can easily get the 96 bits of the RFID tag ID by using this command:

! U1 getvar "rfid.tag.data"


However, in the ZT410 we think we need to use 3 different ones to get the same data and it only returns based on the manual 32 bits:

! U1 setvar "rfid.tag.read.content" "tid information"

! U1 setvar "rfid.tag.read.execute" "tid information"

! U1 setvar "rfid.tag.read.result_line1"


Is it possible to get this commands in ZTLII commands? We only want to read the RFID tag without feeding the label but getting the 96 bits of the rfid tag.


In addition, the RFID command set is so limited in this new printer. Is there any plan to enhance it? We would like to read the 96 bits in an easy way like in other models of zebra pritners.


Thanks for your help. Regards