Printing BMP in Xamarin without SDK

I am able to print text in my Xamarin.Android app with no issue, but have no clue on where to start on printing a BMP.  The app captures a signature in PNG format.  I take this and convert it to a BMP, but am lost as to what to do next.  Could someone help complete the code


void PrintSignature(object sender, EventArgs e)



            OutputStream sOut;

            BluetoothSocket s;



            string addy = "";

            BufferedWriter outReader = null;





                var pairedprinters = BA.BondedDevices;

                foreach (var device in pairedprinters) { addy = device.Address; }

                BluetoothDevice BD = BA.GetRemoteDevice(addy);


                s = BD.CreateInsecureRfcommSocketToServiceRecord(SerialPortServiceClass_UUID);

                if (!s.IsConnected)



                    System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(3000); // <-- WAIT FOR SOCKET 


                outReader = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(s.OutputStream));


                String cc = "^XA~TA000~JSN^LT0^MNN^MTD^PON^PMN^LH0,0^JMA^PR5,5~SD10^JUS^LRN^CI0^MMT^PW812^LL500^LS0";

                cc += $"^FT485,1900^A0I,56,55^FH\\^FDHERE IS THE SIGNATURE:^FS";



            catch (Java.Lang.Exception eg)


                Log.Error("x", $"error: {eg.Message}/n{eg.StackTrace}");



             Bitmap _bit = BitmapFactory.DecodeFile(signatureImageSavePath);   //Path to PNG file


            ByteArrayOutputStream stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

            int width = _bit.Width / 8;

            int byteCount = _bit.ByteCount;

            byte[] buf = new byte[byteCount];

           //   _bit.CopyPixelsToBuffer()                         //CALL DOES NOT EXIST


            // Generate a command string and unlock the bitmap bits, NOT SURE IF THIS IS CORRECT

                cc = string.Format("^FO{0},{1}^GFB,{2},{3},{4},{5}^FS\n",

                x, y, byteCount, byteCount, _bit.Width,Encoding.);



            cc += $"^PQ1,0,1,Y^XZ";



            outReader.Write(cc + "\n");