ZPL: Z64 Compression, Encoding, and CRC-check for .NET Framework/C#



I am developing software in C# for the .NET Framework that takes a QR code represented in a .PNG image and converts it to the ZPL format.  With that said, although printing a single label with the QR code on it does not present an issue, sending the printer a data stream consisting of 10 labels, the printer indicates an out of memory error.


Is there an API for the .NET framework for the Z64 encoding as is stated in the ZPL II programming guide? This API will be required to support .NET Framework 2.0, as some of our customers are still on that version.


I know this is what your ZebraDesigner 2 software uses to print QR codes.


Otherwise, do you know of any algorithms for C# that can be used to perform the Z64 encoding that I can stitch together? That includes compression, encoding, and CRC-checking.