Image printing on label

Hello,  write Jean Pierre,

We have a printer Zebra R4M Plus (203 dpi)  7.3.6

and I have a query of how to upload an image in the memory of the printer,

I command to print the labels using a .bat that copies a .txt to the printer.





^A0N,26,24^FO157,162^FDCOLGATE GYE^FS







-This prints the normal text and bar code, but I also want a logo to appear on the label (^FO40,36^XGImg00011,1,1^FS ).

- For this I have to pull an image from the printer, and I would like to know how I upload the image "Img00011" to the printer memory,

or which is the command to upload an image to the printer and in what format it should be, I read that it should be in .GRF format and I have no idea how to convert a jpg or png image to GRF.


-I would also like to know if it lets you print the image from an example location: -- ^FO40,36^XG (C:\Img00011.png)  ,1,1^FS ---

-I read that to upload an image to the printer you need a program the ZTOOLS which I can not execute (work on Windows 7 64 bit).


Please, I need your support.

Thank you,