Datawedge and management of mix code UPC-A and EAN13 with leading zero



For one of our costumer it's necessary to be able to scan both UPC-A code and EAN13 that are zero at the begining.



UPC-A code : 8 93892 00246 3

and EAN 13 : 0 207817 035953 (this kind of code are mix of EAN 7 code and price information)


I dont" succeed to configure Datawedge to be able to scan both type of codes


If i configure Datawedge with UPC-A and say that i want to keep country char , a zero is added to my UPC-A code. And if i remove this option , when i scan the EAN13 with leading zero datawedge remove the zero character.

Do you have in idea on how to manage this configuration.