Browser Print stops, printer resets orientation and LABEL TOP offset

Hi all,


We are using Browser Print to send DHL air waybills to a GK 420D. The printer was provided by DHL and the Windows machine connected to it is also used to run DHL's EasyShip software.

We have little access to the computer as all of this is implemented in a factory on a different continent.


We frequently run into an issue where Browser Print stops working. It can be fixed by navigating to the /ssl_support page and confirming the browser security warning (but no new SSL certificate is set). However, after this process, the printer is reset to a different print orientation, and, more critically, the LABEL TOP setting of the printer is changed to +080 (and LEFT to +0016), causing labels to print across the gap between labels. (This is all on a 4x8in label).


We resolve this by manually changing the print orientation and sending the ZPL command ^XA^LT+000^LS+0000^JUS^XZ. My understanding is that ^JUS saves the configuration to the printer.


Would anyone happen to know what software might cause the printer to re-set to these particular offset values? Could this be a configuration of a separate software (e.g. DHL EasyShip) used on the same machine that changes the configuration when it is used?