How do I create intent to install a certificate once loaded?

Getting the cert to the device is not difficult; getting it installed is bit of a trouble though.  Do you have any recommendations as to how to best accomplish this?  Simply clicking on the cert from the directory I loaded it to returns an error, leaving me no choice but to launch the install from within the security settings.  Before the cert will successfully install, it appears that the device needs to be password or pin protected.  This is not awesome as I have disabled the pin lock on all of our devices.  Know of a way to bypass this, or a method for enabling\disabling the pin lock remotely?  Lastly, once the cert installs a network warning appears in the notification bar letting you know the network may now be monitored with a prompt to acknowledge.  Would be ideal if this could be bypassed as well. All the above efforts were performed on the TC51 running Android 6.0.1 Build Number 01-21-04.1-MG-00