Basic questions about Zebra printers

¡Hi everyone!


I need to understand how to print labels with a Zebra GK420t printer. The only software I have is "ZebraDesigner for XML" and I have been able to design and print single labels with statict text, but what I need is to print a series of labels that you can use in laboratory work in a daily basis, e.g labels of samples with different ID from a data base. What I've done so far is to use data in MS Excel to create labels using MS Word 2010, which works well, but now I need to add QR codes to those labels.


To my understanding, I should be able to do that by using variables in ZebraDesigner, but I have no idea how to connect my data with the labels. I think there's something about programming in ZPL, but I can't figure out how, and most ZPL manuals have not been useful to me.

I'm sorry if these is a very basic problem, but I have not previous experience with label printers and I have nobody to ask (the printer was buyed in 2015 and nobody have figure out how to make it work properly).


Thank you in advance for any kind of help


PS: Sorry for any wrinting mistake; English is not my native language.