How to setup and use ZP450 (for non UPS)

I got this at a bargain price.

But... the only drivers are for UPS.

(How did UPS manage to get their own dedicated printer?)

I want to download and use with Royal Mail (UK).

But then, I want to just use to make labels - non postage - for my own general purposes.

How do I do this?

EDIT: I've now tried everything...

Others have said to install as LP2844 and all is OK.

I did this... and it prints half the page in a minimised page size Word document (good sign I thought).

Then I installed Zebra Designer 2. No luck here. Doesn't print the correct size (roughly 7cm x 3 cm - it's all I have to test)...

Worse still... it prints garbage output.

Then I installed Zebra Browser Print app.

It opened a web page and said I needed to allow permissions. I did this.... then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Same everytime.

Now... when I try to print from Word... nothing - I get 100 pages of garbage output for one page.