ZD410 SGD.GET odometer.total_label_count returns device.host_status


At the top of this image where you see <Print>.. I SGD.GET device.host_status. Where you see sensor.p:.. is me requesting sensor.peeler.. the odometer:.. is me requesting odometer.total_label_count. Each time the printer prints.. I get this device.host_status bleeding into my other responses.

I've also limited my code to only issuing the SGD.GET("odometer.total_label_count", Conn); ,but I'm getting the value of device.host_status even though it was never called. The image below is me trying to determine where that unexpected data was coming from (030,0,0,0112,000,0,0,0...). If you look near the bottom you will see after the label prints I begin to get the expected results.

I believe SGD just wraps ZPL or similar commands and fetches the odometer.total_label_count from ZPL ~HQ. In doing so it is not always parsing the value to return for odometer.total_label_count correctly.

I'm using LinkOS SDK and developing in Visual Studio C# .NET