Issue in connecting QLN 220 WiFi printer through TCP IP

Hi Team,

We are facing in getting connected to QLN 220 Printer specific to the below scenario:

Qln220 Wifi printer is left in idle mode for ½ hour or so. Tried to connect to Wifi printer by printer IP address, connectivity fails though the IP address is right and printer is connected to Wifi and printer shows the right IP address.

Restarted Qln220 printer and connected to the printer with the same IP address, printer connected successfully successfully after restart.

We are connecting the printer using TCP IP socket as shown below:

var client = new TcpSocketClient();

client.ConnectAsync(PrinterAddress, PortNumber);

We have noticed that Just before printer shuts down due to inactivity, it stops accepting connections. Scenario can be in crisp steps be like :

User turns on printer. Printer shuts down after a period of inactivity. Typically this time period is 20 mins.

If they don’t connect to the printer for x number of minutes and then try connecting to the printer, it does not connect even though printer is still on and showing ip address on the screen.

This x is close to timeout period (20 mins in this case). Something like 19 min or 18 min.

We need to find out exactly at what time this happens  and what is the workaround.

Can you please let us know if this is the desired behavior of the printer if its left for so long or we are missing something else.