Blank label after printed label ZQ 320


I'm implementing a software that prints black marks labels with Zebra ZQ320. With pattern of the label everything is OK. I have difficulties with calibration. Because it prints all time a black label after.

So, Here my configurations:





I've found here commands for printer's calibration:








Then, I'm trying to print my label:


^PON    (print orientation)

^MNM    (specify media type, M - mark)




^FO150,100^ADN,18,10^FD TEST TEST TEST



Also, I configured language to ZPL and media handling to TEAR OFF

! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"

! U1 setvar "media.printmode" "tear off"

Issue here, that after printed label I have all time a blank label and I can't find a solution how to print label without blank labels. What am I doing wrong?

I seems, that printer didn't see length of the label. It's 2 inches. But ~LL doesn't work with non-continuous mode..

And here information about "media" and length of a label:

! U1 setvar "zpl.label_length"  gets "404"

! U1 getvar "media":

media.status : ok

media.sense_mode : bar , Choices: bar,gap

media.tof : 0 , Choices: -400.0-400.0

media.type : label , Choices: label,journal

media.bar_location : front , Choices: front


media.width_sense.enable : off , Choices: off

media.width_sense.in_mm : 72.1

media.width_sense.in_cm : 7.21

media.width_sense.in_dots : 576

media.width_sense.in_inches : 2.837

media.printmode : tear off , Choices: tear off,peel off,rewind,cutter,delayed cut,linerless peel,linerless rewind,linerless tear,applicator,linerless cut,linerless dly cut

media.speed : 4.8 , Choices: 1.0-5.0


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