Does 'Browser Print' support S4M Industrial Printer


I am trying to use the 'Zebra Browser Print' for creating label. I have able to use it successfully for QLN420 printer. But when I try the same for 'S4M Industrial Printer', it is not working. The Sample page(index.html) is able to retrieve the printer name but when ever trying to print the label through that sample page (index.html) it is getting error.

Please let me know whether Browser print supporst 'S4M Industrial Printer' or not. I guess same question is applicable for LP 2844 Desktop Printer.

Another issue is, my QLN420 printer is printing 2 lables in stead of one (Event if I am trying to print it from that sample index.html).2nd Label is blank one.

Please need input ASAP. It blocking the progress of the code.